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Art forms created for visual pleasure, collection, display, and/or retail such as painting, drawing, sculpture, crafts, photography, wear and textile arts, printmaking, graphic design, video, architecture, creative placemaking, body painting and tattooing.

SEVAA advocates for visual artist by promoting their works and talents and providing professional and economic development opportunities.  

SEVAA is dedicated to creating a forum for Visual Art lovers to obtain access to cultural art conceived, designed and produced by our members.




Literary Arts such as imaginative and creative writing, journalism, poetry, prose, novels, novellas, short stories, compositions, comedy and other various styles and techniques are used to produce works to communicate ideas, feelings, suggestions, teachings, and interpretations .  These works convey information through various forms including books, screenplays, music, essays, news articles and editorials, greeting cards, blogs, and public appearances. 

SEVAA assists writers in the production and promotion of literary works by hosting Literary Art Fairs, Symposiums and Workshops designed to empower and engage literary artists and provide access to the public of written works and goods.




Music in the African American culture is the essence of communication demonstrated in many vocal and instrumental forms such as Jazz, Spiritual, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues, Afrobeats, Soul, Funk, Doo-wop, Classical, Hip Hop, Rock and Folk.  

SEVAA provides an avenue for music artists to construct, collaborate, build skills, demonstrate, advertise and transact and music enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy and appreciate their gifts and talents.




Dance is the ultimate creative expression through movement, structure and form. African and African American dance has influenced cultures from around the World.  

Through the art of body movement technique, rhythmic flow and interpretative design African American cultural dance can be demonstrated by individuals, professional dancers and choreographers in many forms such as ballet, tap, jazz, liturgical, hand dancing, step dancing, free style dancing, modern dance and Caribbean and African cultural dance.  

SEVAA supports the Dance discipline serving as a conduit for the advancement of all its art forms.  Dance performances, contests, events, publication, exhibitions  and workshops are just some of the ways SEVAA exposes this art form to the community. 




African American theater has provided a major form of entertainment for centuries.  Actors, directors, stage production, play writers and more.  EVERY aspect of the theater provides an opportunity for creative talents to be honed and displayed.  

Audiences around the globe thrive for opportunities to indulge in African American theater, film and live performances that incorporate visual art, music, literary art and dance!

SEVAA's quest to enhance the art and culture of African Americans is demonstrated through sponsorship of activities that promote and assist artists and other cultural organizations.  SEVAA promotes theatrical technique workshops, skill building and performance opportunities.

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 Your gift makes a difference in the lives of artists and future artists by helping SEVAA serve as a conduit for grants to member artists and cultural organizations who do not meet the criteria for non-profit status.  

Your contributions are tax deductible and support activities and programs that build awareness of African American arts and culture.

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